WinUndelete - How to Recover Deleted Files - Step 2

Scan Wizard - Step 2

In the scan wizard step 2, you need to specify the file type you need to recover. If you're aware of the extension of your deleted files, you may select or specify it (e.g. .DOC for Word documents, .JPG for JPEG pictures) and it will speed up the scan, or else check the option "Enable All File Types".
"Ignore Temporary Internet Files" is a default checked option and it will ignore all the deleted files found in Internet Explorer cache. They are usually created by your browser when you are surfing the Internet. In most cases, they are worthless.
"Ignore Files with Zero Size" is a default checked option and it will ignore those deleted files with 0 or 1 byte size. They are usually temporary files created by various applications and of course also worthless in most cases.

Above two options will speed up the scan process and narrow the found file list you need to check.




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