WinUndelete File Image
WinUndelete File Image is a mirror copy of your deleted files stored in one file.

If you are using an evaluation version of WinUndelete and cannot save the recovered files, you may temporarily save the files you need to a WinUndelete Image File. Later, you may recover them from Image file directly instead from the original disk which may be overwritten by further operation or other programs and data.

To create a WinUndelete File Image for your desired deleted files:

1. After a full scan, locate the deleted files you need to recover.
2. Click the checkbox next to the files you need, then from menu: File -> Save to Image.
3. WinUndelete will show a filename selection dialog and you may specify the filename and location. Also be sure NOT to save the disk image to the same logical drive as your deleted files.

WinUndelete File Images have .WUI extension by default. It can only be loaded and processed by WinUndelete program.

To load a WinUndelete File Image and restore the stored files:

1. In the menu of WinUndelete, click File -> Load from Image.
2. Select or specify the filename of WinUndelete Image you have previously saved.
3. WinUndelete will display the files stored in the image file, and then you may choose the desired ones to recover (enabled in full version).



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