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Designed for Windows
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Thanks for choosing WinUndelete.

If you have already downloaded the evaluation version of WinUndelete, NO re-download is necessary and you may use the registration key you received to unlock it to full version (tutorial).

If you have not downloaded WinUndelete evaluation version, you may download either Installation Package or Direct-Use Package (recommended) from following links, then run the program and enter your registration key to unlock it to full version (tutorial).


  Installation Package [Download Now]
Version: 3.50 Size: 1.09 MB (Two minutes by 56K modem)
Standard installation package. The installation program will prompt you step by step to install the program on your computer. You can easily remove the software, if needed.
  Direct-Use Package [Download Now]
Version: 3.50 Size: 807 KB (Two minutes by 56K modem)
Direct use package. No installation is required. Save the executable file to a flash drive, floppy disk, CD, DVD, or a different logical drive. You can then double-click the executable file and begin using it.

Important Notes

 We highly recommend that you download and install the program to a different drive than the drive where the deleted or lost data resides. Writing data to the same drive that stores the deleted or lost data can overwrite and permanently destroy the files that could otherwise have been recovered.

 If you do not have a separate drive, try to download the direct-use package and place it on a floppy disk, CD-R/W, or external USB storage.

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