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Designed for Windows
  WinUndelete Support - Knowledgebase

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1. Installation and registration questions
How to enter my registration key?
How to install the program on my computer?
How to retrieve lost registration code?
How to uninstall the program from my computer?
I can't use my registration key to unlock the software.
What are the system requirements of the software?
2. Purchase and delivery questions
After purchase, can I use the product permanently?
Can I order it on an online computer but use it on an offline computer?
Can I order the product on a CD?
Can I place order by phone?
Do you accept PayPal payment?
How soon will the registration key be delivered?
I cannot connect to your order page. Is there an alternative?
I haven't received my registration key e-mail after purchase.
Is my online order safe?
Is my registration key valid for both direct-use and full installation packages?
Will my personal information be sold, or be spammed?
3. Data recovery questions
After scan, I cannot see my deleted files in WinUndelete.
Can I run WinUndelete from a floppy disk or CD-R?
Can I save the recovered files to CD drive?
Files deleted before installing WinUndelete. Are they recoverable?
Files deleted bypassing Recycle Bin, are they recoverable?
How to recover a folder and all its sub-folders and files.
I've emptied the Recycle Bin. Can I still recover the deleted files?
Is it safe to use WinUndelete? Can it destroy data on disk?
My recovered file is corrupted and will not open. What can I do?
What file system does WinUndelete support?
Why choose WinUndelete?
Will WinUndelete recover long file names? Will it recover localized names?
Will WinUndelete remove/change my deleted files?

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